Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I can't believe that tomorrow is the beginning of 2009! I am so behind in posting 2008 and 2009 is about to begin!

Here is a picture of Addy on the last day of 2008!

A future Puma model!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Birthday Party!

Addy had her second birthday party at The Little Gym. We go to The Little Gym every Saturday and Addy loves it so we thought it would be a good place to a her party.

We were right!

There was...

lots of friends

Ryan, JoJo, Blake, Brie, Ally, Mallory, Laynie, RiRi, and Kiki.

lots of running and playing

the air trek

two year old tantrums

these tantrums happened because of the air trek. The fact that Addy wasn't allowed to just jump on the air trek like we do on Saturdays made her very mad!

lots of hanging

the parachute


pizza and cake

I would say we had a very successful second birthday party!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All About Addy

Things I want to remeber about my BIG two year old...

* She says "I don't fink so." and "probably." all the time.
* She LOVES Mickey and everything that goes along with Mickey.
* She started watching movies. It's a Mickey movie, of course, but she is can't get enough of it.
* Garth has to read her a pop-up version of The Night Before Christmas every night.
* She tried to climb out of her crib about a month ago. She now has a "tent" on her bed.

I need to get back into documenting Addy's life. It is so awesome to go back and look at how she has changed. I think come April my time at the computer will be very limited, I need to get to work while I can!

Monday, December 8, 2008

2 Years Old!

It is hard for me to believe that I had my baby girl 2 years ago. That at 9:32 pm, 2 years ago, we were holding a 7 hour 20 minute old baby. She was so tiny.


I love you more than you will ever know. You are my sunshine, best friend and the light of my life. I feel completely blessed to be your mommy. I cherish every second I have with you and soak up everything about you. You are mommas baby girl and will always be!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

2 Years Ago...

2 years ago...I was laying in a hospital bed, turning over and putting down a magazine.

2 years ago...Garth was trying to sleep on the waiting room floor of the hospital.

2 years almost this very minute my water broke.

2 years ago...the happiest day of our life was about to begin!

Friday, November 14, 2008

November 13th...

was a very good day! We found out we are having a beautiful, healthy, baby GIRL! Addy is going to have a baby sister!

I have been dreading November 13th. Everything was before the 13th or after the 13th. Would we be excited, or sad? I had no reason, other then some bleeding at the beginning, to think that something was wrong but I still thought the worst.

I remember being at Addy's sonogram and not even thinking something could be wrong until my mom started crying when the said everything looked great. Then it hit me...something could be wrong. I am so thankful that Addy was and is still perfect in every way. I couldn't help but think this would be different. I wanted to prepare myself in case something was wrong. Everywhere I turned someone had something wrong with their pregnancy. I am more than THANKFUL to God that we are going to have two healthy daughters at the end of this pregnancy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

my baby + a day off = FUN!!!

I had off last Tuesday so, Addy and I visited the pumpkin patch! {Days off are the best part of teaching!!! ;o)}

We went to a the "learning part" of the pumpkin patch that had a ton of animals...bunnies, cow, goats, alpaca, pigs, and chickens, a ton of open running space, a huge slide (too big for Addy), bikes, mazes, straw "trampolines" and more! Addy had a blast and loved every minute of our trip!

After all that "learning" we went on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch!

When we got home I asked Addy if she would let me take a picture of her and her pumpkins on the step and {gasp} she let me!

Yes, she has three pumpkins in this picture and many more at home now. Addy loves pumpkins!

I love days off! For one day last week and one this week I get to pretend to be a SAHM! I love those days!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Addyson has started to pick out her own outfits!

I wish I had pictures of all of her beautiful outfits. She has chooses some very interesting ones! ;o)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello, September! Goodbye, September! Hello, October!

It's been awhile since I blogged...a real long while! It's hard to believe that it is almost October. Since August when been really busy getting back into some type of routine. I started work again :o( , Addy started back with Mimi and Daddy starts a new job on Monday. Lots has been going on.

When I first went back to work Addy wasn't happy. She spent a few {long} weeks not napping. We would hear "Momma, no work" a lot, my mom heard it more during nap time. She has finally worked it all out and loves being with Mimi and having time with "my dada" in the morning. Now we get to figure it all out again with Garth's new job. He will have MUCH more responsibility and will have to work longer hours and maybe Saturdays. I am sure Addy will do fine once she figures out "my dada's" new schedule.

We also found out that we are having a new baby in April! I am 12 weeks 2 days today. My body doesn't knew that yet because I am still nauseous. 2 days past 12 weeks, body...2 days...stop now!!! It has been a long 6 weeks. We found out we were pregnant and 2 weeks later I started having some bleeding, oh and I started school. It was very stressful. 2 weeks of spotting, 4 ultrasounds, and many doctors appointments later everything is fine! Praise God! My due date is April 9th...4 months after Addy's 2nd birthday. Some of our top names right now are...Callie and Kenley (girls), Keagen, Jack, and Will (boys). Who knows we just thought of those names and we change our minds daily. I will be surprised if one of those sticks!!! The one thing I do know for sure is a boys middle name will be McCullough! Just like granddaddy!

Addyson Mackenzie {Addy Mac} is named after her great granddaddy too! I took this picture at the Frederick Fair, where granddad used to harness race his horses. Granddad spent a lot of time sitting just like Addy and spent a lot of time right at this barn and racetrack. We thought it was pretty awesome that they had this set up!

Hopefully I will get back into the swing of taking pictures and posting them...but now you know why I haven't been ;o)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Funny!

Addy coming into the family room holding a bag of chips: "Ieatchip, Ieatchip, Ieatchip" {insert chip into mouth} "It good!"

Addy talking to Mimi: "Mimi, look, my dress, Mimi, look, my dress, Mimi, look, my dress...It cute!"

Too funny!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yep, I think Addy might just be Daddy's little helper from here on out!

Okay, so she didn't help much but she sure does look cute and she loved standing on that chair with her Daddy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a math equation

20 month old + sickness =

Addyson has never watched so much as a minute of T.V., not because we choose not to watch in our family but because she just wasn't interested. Wasn't interested, I said because if you are good at math you know the when you add a 20 month old and an upper respiratory infection you get a love for T.V.

She didn't want to do anything else this morning but watch Word World. I am glad she likes Word World because it is an AWESOME show. All of the parts of the show are made up of the letters. So, a cup is made to look like a cup but uses C U P to make the cup {get it?}. Addy has three toys from the show a sheep, a bug and a cat. All of which are made up of the letters that spell the word! Too cool! :) They do a ton of letter rec and letter sounds, blending, chucks, etc. It is my type of show!!!

She might learn some letters or letter sounds during this sickness...can't beat that! :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

"It good, Momma!"

No, she wasn't talking about the birthday cake for her Daddy or cookies or watermelon or any of the other yummy things we have in our house. She was talking about the Bisquick that she got out of the box, opened the sealed package and spilled on the floor.

the other spot you see would be from the water she also spilled on the floor!

Bisquick... It good!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Nothing like a little Saturday morning dancing to get the day started!!!

I love them!

Friday, August 1, 2008

August :(

It doesn't seem possibly that it is already August. I should love August, it is my birthday month!, but every since I had my stinky {aka Addyson} I have come to hate August. All August means to me is going back to work. :( I have 17 more days home with my baby and I am going to ignore the little calendar at the bottom of my computer screen that turns everyday and I loss another one of those days with my baby. {insert fingers in ears and yelling *la la la la*} See I am already ignoring August!

Instead of dwelling on the whole 17 days left, we decided to bring August in the best summer way we could {okay, Ryan decided but I think it was a great way to kick off August}!

We enjoyed...



If you see me don't mention school, work, or anything related to either subject. If you do be prepared for a breakdown. Not joking, I am most likely going to start crying. :*(

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Addy is in love!

Shhh! Don't tell anyone. Look at Addy's face. I think she is in love.

It's not something new, she has loved him for a long time. But this photo really shows how much she loves playing with him. He can be protective of his toys {the other night he let Addy hold his stuffed dog and he started to follow her around. His mom said "She's fine don't worry." To which he said "I know, I know, I'm just going to follow her around!" :) } but for the most part he loves sharing with the kids, showing them new things {like big green caterpillars} and just being with them. They have had lots of funny together this summer! There faces light up when they see eachother.

Shhh! Don't tell anyone. I think he likes playing with her, too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Cone

Okay, so it isn't her first ice cream but it is her first taste of the cone, as in The Jimmie Cone and the first time she has had ice cream in a cone!

Addy's first taste of the cone was a very large cone with swirled ice cream and rainbow jimmies. That cone landed on the ground not even a step from the counter!! :) Her second cone was also a very large swirl cone that never made it to our hands. The nice order girl gave us our third cone which a very small swirled cone that was much more her size!

I would dare say she liked her first taste of the cone!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Last night we went to watch the Frederick Keys play the Potomac Nationals! We won the tickets from The Little Gym! I was shocked...I don't think I have ever won anything!

We started the night out by going to have sandwiches and ice cream in downtown Frederick {also free because I got a gift card to downtown from my students!} As we were eating it started to rain and it continued to rain for awhile. When we got to the park they were in a rain delay.

We waited {& waited} in the car.

Finally, the rain stopped, they took the tarp off the field and they played ball!

We really,really had a fun time. The rain was perfect because turned out to be a cool night and we got to enjoy a rainbow!

Addyson was awesome! She loved every minute of the game!
And who wouldn't when you get to...

enjoy a night with Mimi, Momma and Dada...

eat a pretzel and a funnel cake...

meet Keyote {the Keys mascot} and have him sign your very first baseball...

ride the merry-go-round...

and play two games...

We were sad when it was time to go!

We didn't stay for the whole game because it was late and a very slow game. We left around 9:30 and it was only the 5th inning!

We had an awesome time last night!

Ummm...totally forgot to say that the Keys won!

Can't beat that...great company, delicious food, awesome rides & games, and a win!! :)