Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Addy is becoming a baker! So far she has made delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies and Valentine cookies!



Okay...she did need a little help from Mommy and Daddy. Yeah she stuck her hands in A you happened to have the chance to eat one...SORRY ;)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Addy Mac has mastered using a fork and spork (well as much as a one year old can!) She loves using a spoon or spork, a combo of a spoon and a fork ;), to eat everything. She tries so hard to stick her spork into whatever it might be that she is eating. It doesn't usually work so she will hold the spork and use her pincher grip to pick up the allusive piece of's too cute!!

Here are some pictures of Addy eating yogurt the other day.

Yeah, she also uses a spork to eat yogurt!

Monday, February 18, 2008


November third was the last time I posted about my baby...YIKES!

This is a great place to document Addy's life so that we can remember what has been going on and lots has changed in the last 3 months...
-my baby turned one!
-we had a huge bash for that very special one year old birthday!
-she has hair!
-she can run!
-we stared going to My Little Gym!
-she found a boyfriend at Little Gym! His name is Jack! It was a short romance but still a very cute one.
-she can use a spoon to eat food, most of it makes it into her mouth!
-she is getting her one year molars and she has been wonderful! I never would have know they were coming in.
-mommy and daddy went out for the first and second time since Addy was born. The first time we went to my school christmas party. We left and came back a hour later (it still counts!) and the second time...well she didn't know we were gone!
-oh can she talk! Momma, Dada, cat, what that, what this,
-she can sign! Thank you, more, all done, please, help.
-she can answer questions! "What does a cow say?" "Mmmmmm" "What does a red rooster say?" "cock" (that's a nice one!) Just to name a few
-she loves farm animals and books about farm animals
-her favorite animals are cats, and quacks (aka ducks!)

I am sure there is a lot more...I will have to keep thinking!

I think for our little family I need to continue to blog so that we can look back and have memories on paper! I can always "slurp" it and make a Blurb book later on!