Monday, June 30, 2008

I think she's in love...

Yeah, Yeah, I know she is in love with lots of things... mommy, daddy, mimi, jojo ;0), meatballs, other peoples bikes or any toy for that matter, blueberries (that's new as of today), all fruit, veggies, the cat...and the list goes on. But, she has a new love and it's name is Deep Creek Lake!!!

We spent a long weekend (Thursday night - Sunday) in Deep Creek for a friends wedding and Addy fell in love. We knew she would love it up there because she loves water. Every time we drive past some type of water she yells "Wa-wa, wa-wa....more wa-wa" Well her heart was happy this weekend because there was water EVERYWHERE!!!

Looking from Garth's parents house...

Everywhere you drive...

{that's Garth's parents house in the trees, in the middle of the picture}

At the Falls...

While you are eating pizza at Brenda's :o)...

At the new Adventure Sport park...

Even when you are eating ice cream...

You can't see the water in this picture but it's there, right behind her!

I don't think she had to ask once for more "wa-wa" She was one happy baby!

We had an awesome time this weekend!

{After I hit publish Addy was looking at all of the pictures and she kept saying "I want wa-wa" "Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wawawawaaaaa" "I try"}

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

18 month appointment

Here are the stats...

23 lbs. 11 oz.
32 1/2 in.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yep, it's that time of year again, I get to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) for 9 weeks! I absolutely love being home with Addyson. We have be super busy just having fun for the last week.

This is what our day looks like...

8/8:30 wake-up
9:00 breakfast
9:30 outside
12:00 lunch
1:00 nap
4:00 snack
4:30 outside
6:00 make dinner
6:30 eat
7:00 outside
8:15 bath
8:45 bedtime

Do you see a pattern? Addy has spent the last week outside! She loves being outside and loves to play with "JoJo" (Jordan) and "Rian" (Ryan). She will follow them around all day long. The only thing that changes our schedule is rain (haven't had much of that!), really hot days (haven't had a single one yet!) and on Tuesdays we go to Little Gym at 9:15!

It's been a blast!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Once a day!

Yep, we decided that in our house 18 month olds only have to use the bathroom to "pee-pee" once a day!

She asked twice yesterday to go "pee-pee". That's when I declared "We only pee once a day in our house!" I think once a day is enough for an 18 month old, right? I also don't want to tell her she can't go, I mean come on the goal is for her to be able to use the bathroom all by herslef one day.

The more I think about it she could be potty trained by two and that is only 6 months away. WOW! I can't believe my baby will be potty trained and that it might be sooner than later!

6 months...I don't think I'm ready...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's been a day filled to the rim!

It was very very hot today but we had an awesome day...

We went to Little Gym

Played in the pool with Jordan

Went to a Milkshake concert

Oh, and asked to "pee" in the potty!

Yep, we came inside after playing with Jordan tonight and Addy walked into the bathroom and said "pee?" So we took her diaper off and she sat on the potty. Of course she didn't pee and has no clue what that means but she was too cute sitting there saying "pee, pee, pee!"

It was a full day...and we had a blast!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This is purely a post about my baby girls cuteness.

1. She talks up a storm! Most of it I can understand some it I have no idea what she is trying to say. She is putting words together now which makes her more difficult to understand. She says easily upwards of 40 words {here are a few I can think of...mama, dada, mimi, Addyson, mal-mal, bri-bri,jodan, bath, what's that, get it, dog {ruf-ruf}, cat, cookie, cracker, beans, peas, pizza, bike, bread, wawa, milk, more, please, thank you, ball, bubbles, fork, spoon, stuck, car, eyes, nose, butt, hot, feet, shoes, jacket, book, night-night, bobo, Jesus, outside, yes, bye, baby, medicine, k, play, gate, neigh, cow, quack-quack, cock-a-doodle-do} and will repeat everything you say.

2. She hums songs! Too stinkin' cute. I sing {I use the word sing loosely} Jesus Loves Me to Addy every night before bed and whenever she sees the book she starts to hum to the tune and will say Jesus.

3. She has friends and knows their names! Her favorite friend in the neighborhood is Jordan. She knows where he lives and today she walked down the sidewalk saying "Jodaaaan, Jodaaaan!"

4. She likes to pretend she is going places! She will grab something {stroller, purse, golf club bag} say "bye!" and wave as she walks away. If you ask her to kiss you before she leaves she will run over kiss you and say "bye!"

5. I think she can count with me to two! I will say "one" and she always says the same thing that sounds a lot like "two".

6. She asks and answers her own questions! She will say "play?...k?" and shake her head waiting for me to say "You can's okay!"

7. She likes motorcycles! Every time one drives by she says "bike!"

8. She loves cows and horses!

9. She must, must, must have the same sippy cups as Mal-Mal! We went looking for "the sippy" at Walmart last night but couldn't find "the one" but she settled for cups with straws. As we walked around she kept saying "wawa, milk, stuck." Finally today Mimi found "the sippys" at Target. I can only imagine how stinkin' cute she will be tomorrow when she walks in to Mal-Mal's house with the same sippy...she is going to love it!

10. She loves to cover herself up and say "night-night"! She thinks it is hysterical.

11. She sits down and takes her shoes off when we come in from outside! Right there in the foyer...plops down, un-Velcros her shoes, and pulls them off.

12. She doesn't push her lawn mower she pulls it everywhere! The other kids in the neighborhood find this one annoying because no bubbles will blow when she pulls it but I think it is too cute!

13. She climbs the stairs up every night and walks in her room to get ready for her bath!

14. She is starting to jump! By jump I mean she bends her knees and stands up...too cute!

15. She likes to sit at the big table! The kitchen chair is one of her favorite places to sit.

EVERYTHING about her is cute! The way she walks. The way she says things. The looks she gives. Her hair. Her laugh. Her smile. I could eat her up!

I thought of one more...

16. She says "uhhhh!" before she answers a question! It goes something like this... "Addy do you want milk?" "Uhhhh...nes!" Too cute!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Pool!

We went to the pool on Saturday and had a blast! I have been planning my summer for some time and was nervous about whether or not Addy would like my plan.

Here was our plan
1. Feed Addy lunch at home {check}
2. Pack up and head to Terri's {check}
3. Keep Addy awake in the car {check}
4. Get to Terri's {check}
5. Put Addy down for a nap at Terri's {check} :)
6. Sit by the pool for two hours {check} [can you believe it?!?!]

It I declare we will be a Terri's pool everyday this summer! Somethings of that beautiful plan will have to change. I'm not sure if I can keep Addy awake without being in the back seat and I am almost positive I can't drive without being in the front seat so...somethings got to give. I might have to pack lunch and be at Terri's earlier...who knows...all I know is she went down for me at Terri's!!!! Addy was confused when I put her down, she kept saying "Mimi?" because Mimi always puts her down there. But she didn't make a noise and slept for 2 hours! During those 2 hours I got to sit by the pool and by the time Addy woke up I was ready to get in the pool with her {my plan is beautiful!}

When Addy got up I brought her down and got her all dressed, sun screened and ready for the pool. Addy wasn't so sure about the water at was pretty cold and she was sleepy {I was super excited and didn't really give her time to wake up ;)

Addy in all her cute swim attire!

Addy and Momma in the pool for the first time this year!

Notice the confused and tired look in all of the pictures. ;)

Addy got in the pool three different times because the day started out beautiful, then it rained, then it was beautiful, then it stormed, then it was beautiful. It was perfect for us because we spent a few minutes swimming, got warm, ate hamburgers and smores, and then got back in the pool, got out and got warm again, and got back in after the storm past! By the third time we got in Addy was loving it. Mallory and Dave where swimming and Garth was in the pool with us and the were just playing around and laughing. I think it's going to be an awesome summer!

Not only did we get to swim but Dave gave me a ton of photography gear and we got to see cows up close and personal on the way home...who could ask for more!

But we did get more because when we got home our neighbors called us over to see the two fawns in their bushes. I didn't use a zoom lens on these pictures I am literally as close to them as you see.

Addyson had no idea what was going on but she pretended!

It was an awesome chance for me to take pictures and Emily thought so too!

When had an awesome weekend! We are blessed and LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Failure {sort of!}

We went to see Jordan before her 8th grade dance on Friday and I officially failed at taking pictures of Jordan but {here comes the sort of part} I got pictures of all the other kids...just not the important kid of the night :( Jordan looked beautiful and very grown up and I am disappointed that I didn't get any great pictures of her.

While the 8th graders were eating dinner {salad, steak, crab cakes + baked potatoes...I don't think I had a dinner like that before any of my proms let alone my 8th grade dance...and I think I wore jeans and a shirt not very expensive dresses...but I digress} the kids were bugging them and eventually went outside to play. Addy found Cole's scooter and a thing of bubbles and she was in heaven!

The bubbles...

The scooter...

Bubbles + Scooter = pure joy!

I must add that Addy was very good on the scooter. She had great balance as Garth walked around with the scooter, and she couldn't have been more proud...she was riding a scotter!

And the other cuties there that night...

Of course Jordan was there but {insert sigh} I don't have any picture.