Saturday, January 31, 2009

To remember...

"My nose is crying."

The things you hear when a baby is sick!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes, Addy is in there!

Somewhere, I swear!

It was another snow day today {ice day, actually}! It was also another PJ wearing, coughing, Mickey Mouse watching, popsicle eating, don't leave the couch momma kind of day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday!

Which started as tWelve on Wednesday post last week!!

1. "Baby sister" needs a name. Keegan? Kenley? Callie? That's where we are now. Addyson was Addyson before I was even pregnant. Her middle name was hard to find. "Baby sister" can't be born as "baby sister", she really needs a name. She needs wall letters, and a towel in the bathroom. I can't buy either without a name. "Baby sister" won't cut it!

2. "Baby sisters" room is a very beautiful bright pink. Garth painted one coat of primer and two coats of paint. You can still see the blue under. Sorry, Garth! He has more painting to do.

3. Addyson had a 103.5 degree fever on last Sunday. Nothing else. Just a high fever. It was very strange but it seems to be gone now. Addy tends to get fevers at 103 whenever she gets a fever. It's never low, always high. And today she has a croupy cough and runny nose.

4. I had off last Monday with Addy (my favorite days) and my mom was with her on Tuesday. Two whole days in her PJ's. That will make anyone feel better!

5. We had a snow day today, another PJ day!

6. Addy had her graduation from Little Gym last Saturday. Technically it doesn't change anything. We went back to the same class on Saturday some kids moved up, Addy stayed right where she was. Our next graduation will be a "move up" graduation.

7. We might have off tomorrow. It is suppose to get icy tonight (love these days)!

8. I am almost 30 weeks! Seriously, 30 weeks pregnant. 10 weeks to go. This pregnancy has FLOWN by. I remember counting the days, weeks, months with Addy and they were s l o w. Not this time. With a two year old running around there isn't time to count. Okay so we count ( as in one, two, free!) but she isn't counting weeks yet!

9. We need a dresser, rocking chair, crib and stroller in those next ten weeks.

10. Hold that thought while I run to 7-11 to buy a lotto ticket!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Bump!

Here's the bump as of today, 28 weeks!

Here's the bump at 28 weeks with Addy!
Warning: It's a bare bump!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

a little bit o' baby

A little bit of our "baby sisters" room...

Her bedding...

Trees that Aunt Karen is going to help me paint on "baby sisters" walls...

Yes, she is "baby sister". As of now that is her only name. I am open to suggestions! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Over Heard...

yesterday while I was getting Addy ready to go to Mimi's house...

"Momma, my dada go to work...he make money."

Seriously, where does she come up with these things!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Monday, December 8, 2008

My baby girl's second birthday!

I took off Addy's birthday day, so I could be home to celebrate with her. And we certainly did celebrate!

The day started off with me sick in bed but I quickly started to feel better because I HAD to make Addy's day special!

Addy picked her outfit out for the day, pink and brown stripped pants and a blue Sesame Street shirt (picking out your own clothes is a big 2 year old deal!)

We spent the morning playing and relaxing!

as you can tell we played hard!

Then, Mimi and Mallory came over with balloons and a McDonald's birthday lunch!

While the girls ate Mimi made the icing for the special birthday cake!

After lunch the girls played!

At nap time Addy went to sleep, Mimi and Mallory went home and I started on the birthday cake!

When Garth brought had down from her nap, he took her over to the cake. When he asked her what it was she said "Probably, Mickey!" Probably? I thought it looked JUST like Mickey ;)

We decorated for the party!

We did some more playing and our best pal Mickey called to wish Addy a Happy Birthday! Addy was confused and excited at the same time. She has watched Mickey on Garth's phone twice at the ER (two stories for another blog entry!) and thought we were giving her the phone to watch Mickey not talk to him. She still sometimes will ask if we are talking to Mickey!

Garth made delicious Chicken Parmesan for dinner! Addy loves her Daddy's cooking!

We sang Happy Birthday and Addy blew our her candle, all by herself!

We opened birthday presents!

Addy's second birthday was an awesome day. We had so much fun together and she really, really enjoyed every minute of the day!

Here's a walk down memory lane...



She is growing up too fast!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I have been off all week and LOVING every minute of it!!!!

Some of my favorite moments have come at breakfast time. Addy has been eating cereal (just like mommy!) every morning. We haven't been sitting at the table but we have been standing at the counter. Addy on one side, me on the other. Addy eating Cheerios and drinking milk, me eating Just Bunches and drinking water. She has been soaking up every second of our breakfast time. Drinking when I drink. Picking up her bowl when I pick up my bowl. When just stand, eat and talk. I have loved the time I have had with her, just her and me, mommy and baby!

Oh, how I will miss my baby come Monday morning. I will be eating breakfast by myself on the way to work. It just isn't fair!