Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sick Baby, Mommy and Daddy!

Oh the fun! First Daddy gets a sinus infection on Friday and I get sick on Friday with a "ulcer in your cornea....good thing there is no vision loss!" and now poor Addy Mac is sick...again.

We took Addy to the doctor this morning and the doctor said she has a fever, pink eye and upper respiratory infection. Which is a good thing since when I called this morning to speak to the on call doctor they were "concerned" because her soft spot was bulging...which can means infection and swelling in the brain. I am very very very happy with the diagnoses we got...I can handle an upper respiratory infection!!!!!

I had to go to the eye doctor Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I go back today to make sure that "ulcer in your cornea...good thing there is no vision loss" is healing. Let's pray that it is healed because I have seen way too much of the eye doctor. The eye doctor is a once-every-two-years-kind of doctor....not a once-everyday kind of doctor!

It has been a long week in our house. Oh wait....it's only Tuesday....it is going to be a long week!

We'll take it...there are much worse things that we could be dealing with.

We are truly thankful that we are happy, well feed, clothed, in a warm home, healthy, minus the ulcer.pinkeye.fever.upperrespirtoaryinfection.sinusinfection, (that's a long list) and blessed!

There are times when things like the shooting at Virgina Tech really put your own life in to perspective.

We are blessed and need to remember that and be thankful!


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