Monday, July 23, 2007

Best Friends?!

Maybe, just maybe, they'll be best friends!!!

We went over to Mallory's house on Saturday and Addy and Mallory actually looked at each other!
(baby step steps!)
Not only did they look at each other but they also sat near each other and played with the same toy!

Mallory was too cute. She kept bringing Addy all of the toys that I brought with to say "Ummm...yeah...your mom brought you these toys...STAY AWAY FROM MINE!" If you asked Mallory to bring Addy a toy she would pick up one of Addy's and hand it to her.

She also had fun "talking" to Garth. Mallory would say something is Mal language and Garth would babble back and Mallory would laugh!!!!

I am so glad that Addy and Mal are only ten months apart. I think they are going to be great friends. And what's more fun than a best friend with a pool...gotta love the perks!

Addy and Garth got to enjoy a freezing-cold-five-minutes in the pool on Saturday.

Addy still had fun...she thought the water was too cold but it was really funny watching Daddy swim around the pool!

Here are Addy and Garth in their warm towels...

Here is Addy and me during Addy's first dip in the pool EVER...

She loves the pool!

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Garth! I love you!


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