Monday, February 18, 2008


November third was the last time I posted about my baby...YIKES!

This is a great place to document Addy's life so that we can remember what has been going on and lots has changed in the last 3 months...
-my baby turned one!
-we had a huge bash for that very special one year old birthday!
-she has hair!
-she can run!
-we stared going to My Little Gym!
-she found a boyfriend at Little Gym! His name is Jack! It was a short romance but still a very cute one.
-she can use a spoon to eat food, most of it makes it into her mouth!
-she is getting her one year molars and she has been wonderful! I never would have know they were coming in.
-mommy and daddy went out for the first and second time since Addy was born. The first time we went to my school christmas party. We left and came back a hour later (it still counts!) and the second time...well she didn't know we were gone!
-oh can she talk! Momma, Dada, cat, what that, what this,
-she can sign! Thank you, more, all done, please, help.
-she can answer questions! "What does a cow say?" "Mmmmmm" "What does a red rooster say?" "cock" (that's a nice one!) Just to name a few
-she loves farm animals and books about farm animals
-her favorite animals are cats, and quacks (aka ducks!)

I am sure there is a lot more...I will have to keep thinking!

I think for our little family I need to continue to blog so that we can look back and have memories on paper! I can always "slurp" it and make a Blurb book later on!


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