Friday, June 4, 2010

Emery Lorraine

Emery did not have a name for 2 days. Now we rarely call her by her real name. We call her Binny, Bin, Sissy, Em ZQ(Mimi call hers that), and Emery Jane (Addy calls her that). She is still skinny and tall. Loves to say B words! Her first word was bobo! She tries to say banana (or nana), ball, and watermelon. She has a word for everything else and they all start with b. She can sign "please" and "more". Tonight she put them together! "More, please!"

She LOVES ice cream. She screams for ice cream! Actually she screams all the time. Most of the time it is a happy scream, or a "I want that now" scream.

She loves the park and cookies. Having both together, who could ask for more!

Too cute!

She climbs out of everything. When she was little she would climb out of her infant car seat. She was in her jump-a-roo one day at Mimis and Mimi felt someone pulling on her leg. Em had tipped herself forward and reached the floor and rolled out! Now she climbs out of her big girl car seat and her highchair on a daily basis.

When ran out of formula one night and that's the night Em started taking whole milk in her sippy. Goodbye bottles!

She surprises me everyday!


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