Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

So, it isn't Mother's Day anymore and I didn't really feel that great on Mother's Day but looking back on yesterday I realize it really was a wonderful day!

It felt horrible and so did Garth (the doctor said he was "sicker" than me...or so he says!) but it really was a great day because we just laid around and played with our beautiful daughter. She is such a happy baby and she just played and laughed all day (except when she was out...she wants her bottle)! She played on her mat, in her excersaucer and sitting in mommy's lap! She thought we were so funny she was full of giggles...who could ask for anything more? A beautiful, loving, funny, adorable, precious, caring i could go on forever daughter!

I may have had strep throat and felt horrible but I spent my Mother's Day with my husband and beautiful daughter...and I even got to see my mom...she came to take care of me and Addyson while Garth went to the doctor since he was "sicker" than me (she will always be my momma..that's what I call her)!

I can only hope that I will as good of a momma to Addyson and my mom is to me (I am 25 and my mom still came to take of me)!

I am blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strep throat and all!


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