Sunday, March 9, 2008

Being Helpful...

or at least she thinks she is ;)

When we got back from the grocery store today Addy decided to "help" us put our groceries away.

She was too cute "helping" but a few things ended up in the wrong place. She had Ritz and Oreos in the fridge and she was taking ice cream out of the freezer.

And this photo speaks for itself...

{if it didn't speak to was saying "Garth and Lauren drink way too much Coke."}

In case you were wondering...
no, it isn't open
no, she has never had a Coke
yes, we must drink it in front of her so much that she knows what to do with the can
or she is just really smart!!!
and yes, about 5 minutes after I took this photo the Coke fell and landed on her foot. That is the screaming you heard all the way at your house!


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