Friday, March 14, 2008


We don't have many pictures of Addy and her bobo because it only goes three places {1} her crib {2} the car {3} her crib at MiMis, that's it only those three places most of the time. I snapped some pictures of Addy with her beloved the other day when she got up from her nap.

She loves her bobo and I am very very scared to think of the day we have to {talking quietly} get.rid.of.the.bobo. At her 12 month appt. the nurse practioner suggested getting rid of the bottle and then work on the bobo "as soon as possible". The bottle has been gone since a week after that appointment, the bobo is still around.

With every change we have thrown at Addy she has done amazing. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe getting rid of the bobo will be as easy as every other change. But then I really started thinking about the changes...moving from the snuggle nest to the pack and play {easy}, switching from a swaddled 6 month old to a sleep sacked 6 month old {easy}, moving from her pack and play to her crib {easy},taking naps in her crib {easy} going down at night {easy}, weaning from the bottle {easy}, going from a sleep sacked 12 month old to a free as a bird 12 month old {easy} and then it hit me...all of these changes were easy and I mean really easy because.....she has her BOBO!

She has loved her bobo since the day she was born...

What in the world are we going to do when we have to lose the bobo?!?


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