Sunday, March 2, 2008


It's March already. This time last year I was getting ready to go back to school (March 8th). Lots had changed in the last year.
I was thinking tonight how much Addy loves books now. Up until a few weeks ago books were just something she throw around, daddy put in front of her a bedtime, and something she could take or leave.
Now we have favorite books, books we have to read over and over, books that Garth has memorized, books that calm her just by hearing the words, books that must be read before bed. I don't know what it is that makes her love them now but she does and I couldn't be happier. Her favorites are Noisy Farm, I Know a Rhino, and Barnyard Dance. Noisy Farm was the first book that she really loved (puffy heart read over and over type of love). It is a flip book about animal sounds. She learned her animal sounds from that book and then moved on. I Know a Rhino was the next book she fell in love with. It a super cute book that I don't mind hearing 10 times each night. It's the book that Garth recited on the way home tonight from dinner and just hearing the words calmed her down (since mommy forgot a bobo). Tonight she didn't sign more.more.more or please.please.please when she saw the book because I think her new love is going to be Barnyard Dance. Who wouldn't love a book with all of your favorite animals making noise and dancing?

What else does a girl need...a cup of milk, a bobo and a favortie book.


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