Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chicken Pox?

{picture taken on the Mac}

Do you see them, on her chin...two little red dots?
Maybe try clicking on the picture to enlarge.
Do you see them now?

Sunday out of no where Addy got these two red dots on her chin. I had just come downstairs and Garth couldn't remember something important he wanted to tell me and I looked at Addy and asked what happened to her chin. That's when it dawned on Garth...that important thing...yeah...he thought she might have chicken pox. Fun! Riley and Kennedy both had chicken pox and it would only make sense that Addy would get them...immunization and all! We called my mom and the doctor and they both told us just to wait and see {something I'm not good at}. I left for work on Monday before she got up and when Garth got her up the spots looked better so off he went to Mimi's. When he got there Mimi sent him home {or to the doctor before she could come back to stay!} So I came home after a half day and off we went. When we got to the doctor they made us stand in the foyer and walked us in the back door. The doctor looked at Addy for maybe 2 minutes and declared "Not chicken pox! It's a rash, a non-descript skin eruption."

Nice! Well take that...it's better than chicken pox...I think! ;)


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