Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Park

Garth and Mimi love to take Addy to the park and the germaphobe in me finds parks kind of gross :(

I went to a shower in PA on Sunday {that's a story for another post!} and Mimi and Garth took Addy to our church picnic. A few picnic table head butts later, and a few "this must be your grandson" comments later they packed up and headed to the park. They went to a park that Mimi takes the kids to all the time so they know Addy would love it and well Garth loved it too! So on Monday Garth wanted to take Addy back and thought I might enjoy this park.

No amount of beautiful shaded park, awesome blue wrap slides, cool bridges to run over, ladders to climb, tennis courts to watch, acres of grass to run in or covered pavilions can stop me from thinking about the dirt! The thought never, and I mean never left my brain! Needless to say I still don't like parks but Addy had fun!

Luckily for my daughter she has two people in her life who will always take her to the park...her Mimi and her Daddy!

I'm going to let the park be there thing! ;)


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