Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

This is my second Mother's Day and it was much better than last year, but of couse we all are sick. Last year both Garth and I had strep throat {if you remember his was worse than mine:)} It wouldn't be a holiday in our house without someone being sick.

I think we just have a cold that we keep passing back and forth. It first started with Addy and her normal 102 degree fever, runny nose, cough, etc. One doctors trip and it just sun burn that caused her fever {insert me crying hysterically...I put sun screen on her and I felt like a horrible mom for the sun burn} and two days later Garth took her back and she had the beginning of a sinus infection and an ear infection and ALLERGIES {the doctor laughed when Garth told her the other doctor thought the fever was from sun burn...that made me feel better}! We now have to give her Zrytec every night. She passed me the cold, I passed it back to her, she passed it to Garth, and Garth passed it to me! We had a family meeting last night and I told everyone that we are to stop passing the cold around...I'm done with sickness. Addy shook her head and said "nes!" {translation: yes!} Garth nodded, I think! So there...we all more cold!

Sickness and all it still was a great day. Garth got up a few minutes before me and came downstairs to get breakfast started. He got Addy up and sent me back to bed for a few minutes. They came upstairs with cards from Addy and Buncha Crunch {yummy}! We came downstairs and Garth made pancakes and nanny bacon while Addy and I played.

He cut the pancakes into hearts! :)

And he remembered that I love {yes, puffy heart love} crushed ice! :)
I think I'll keep him ;)

We had a yummy breakfast!

We lounged around until we went to Beth's house for a Mother's Day celebration. We came home and Addy napped and Garth went grocery shopping for the week! When he got home we got Addy up and he made steak and potatoes for dinner. We played and watched America funniest Home Videos {Addy watched all the babies and dogs} until bed time.

It was a great day and I am truly blessed with an amazing family!


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