Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Deep Creek- take 2

Addy, of course, loved Deep Creek this past weekend! Mimi went with us so Addy really loved Deep Creek.

We had a great time just relaxing and having fun. It's nice to be away from home because you don't have to do anything, no bathrooms to clean, laundry to do, grass to cut. It's a different kind of's almost like you have to relax because there is nothing else to do.

It rained most of the day on Friday so we just hung out at the house, but we did make a trip to Walmart to buy a bike. Addy loves Ben's all terrain vehicle {which Addy calls a bike} so we wanted to buy her one.

Needless to say she likes the bike. She sat like this in the shopping cart while Garth got the car {it was pouring}. The other people in Walmart were laughing and saying she looked so cute. Once we got in the car Addy wanted to "buckle". Which is her new favorite thing to do. Every time we get in the car she makes sure everyone is buckled. "Daddy...buckle?" "Momma...buckle?" "Mimi...buckle?"

We also tried to see the fireworks on Friday but couldn't see the real ones being set off at the ski slopes. We did see some fireworks that were being set off far away and Addy loved them. She kept asking for more. When we were reading books before bed she ran through the whole list to make sure everyone liked the fireworks. She said "Momma like? Daddy like? Mimi like?" over and over. Garth and I were laughing so hard because we couldn't read {or recite, since we forgot all of our books} or sing to her because she continuously asked if everyone liked the fireworks!

When we got up on Saturday it was beautiful. We went to the Adventure park and watched the rafters. Addy loved watching and getting her feet wet.

After that we went to get some sandwiches and headed to the state park. We had a picnic and Addy got to go to the beach. Garth and I didn't bring extra clothes or our bathing suits because we didn't think that she would want to go in very far but we were wrong. Addy marched right down to the water and walked right in. The water was pretty cold but it didn't stop her, she loved loved loved the beach and the water. Garth was completely wet by the time we left. A few people asked if this was the first time she had been to the beach, I guess we had that probably had something to do with the million pictures I was taking. ;)

We also saw a few fireworks that night and the bedtime routine went some the same as the night before!

Sunday we got up, cleaned and headed out. Of course we first stopped at Brenda's before going home...YUMMY!

We had an awesome weekend and Addy did great. And next weekend we are going back...this time with even more of my family! We can't wait!


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