Thursday, July 10, 2008


Addy and I are really starting to get the hang of this SAHM thing! We have a routine that is working out awesome and we are truly having the best summer. I know I am loving her second of my time home and I am pretty sure Addy feels the same way!

Our Wednesday activity is to go to the story time at the library. We both have a lot of fun. The do lots of singing, movement activities and of course read books. At the very end they bring out two big tubs filled with toys and the kids dig in. Addy loves this part!

This Wednesday after story time Addy and I went to checkout some books. Addy got two books BooBoo and Peedie.

When Garth asked her about the library tonight Addy said "books!"

Here she is with her beloved books...

After the library we went o visit Mimi, KiKi, RiRi, Blakie, and Bri-Bri. We went to the park, played, ate lunch and did our hair...

In case you can't tell they all have side ponytails!!


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