Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We have spent lots of time in the last week trying to organize, weed out, throw away or store Addy's toys. She has a ton of "baby toys" and she just isn't interested in playing with them anymore. She will pick something up, play with it and put it back down, all within a few seconds or minutes, if were lucky!

Although we really need to buy Addy some new "grown-up" toys, she always seems to find something to play with. She found her new favorite toy while we were at Deep Creek with Mimi. We were all cleaning before we left and Garth had put Addy's sippy cups in a plastic bag and threw them in her diaper bag. Addy found the sippy cups and started to take them apart, put them back together, switch tops, put things inside of them and on and on and on. She loved playing with the sippy cups!

When we got home I got out all the sippys that lost lids or parts and put them in a basket for her to play with. Which, surprisingly, she has been playing with for the last week and loving it!!!

She loves those cups and I love that she likes to play with them and try to figure them out.

The only problem is...

she's getting really good and taking the tops off!! ;)

It has only happened once and it was hysterical. She was playing in the kitchen and I was on the computer. She was talking away, playing and I hear splash and immediately hear her say "no. no. no." I knew what had happened as soon as I heard the splash. When I walked over she was frozen, standing right in the middle of a puddle of milk. She looked at me like what just happened? and slowly walked out of the puddle. Which made her fall flat on her butt in said puddle of milk! Poor baby was hysterically crying and too cute!

I think it is time for us to go and buy some real toys!


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