Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's been a day filled to the rim!

It was very very hot today but we had an awesome day...

We went to Little Gym

Played in the pool with Jordan

Went to a Milkshake concert

Oh, and asked to "pee" in the potty!

Yep, we came inside after playing with Jordan tonight and Addy walked into the bathroom and said "pee?" So we took her diaper off and she sat on the potty. Of course she didn't pee and has no clue what that means but she was too cute sitting there saying "pee, pee, pee!"

It was a full day...and we had a blast!


Little Miss Sunshine said...

Addy is too cute!! She is at the age where everytihng is just so much fun!! Your summer is going to be a blast! Enjoy! :)

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