Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This is purely a post about my baby girls cuteness.

1. She talks up a storm! Most of it I can understand some it I have no idea what she is trying to say. She is putting words together now which makes her more difficult to understand. She says easily upwards of 40 words {here are a few I can think of...mama, dada, mimi, Addyson, mal-mal, bri-bri,jodan, bath, what's that, get it, dog {ruf-ruf}, cat, cookie, cracker, beans, peas, pizza, bike, bread, wawa, milk, more, please, thank you, ball, bubbles, fork, spoon, stuck, car, eyes, nose, butt, hot, feet, shoes, jacket, book, night-night, bobo, Jesus, outside, yes, bye, baby, medicine, k, play, gate, neigh, cow, quack-quack, cock-a-doodle-do} and will repeat everything you say.

2. She hums songs! Too stinkin' cute. I sing {I use the word sing loosely} Jesus Loves Me to Addy every night before bed and whenever she sees the book she starts to hum to the tune and will say Jesus.

3. She has friends and knows their names! Her favorite friend in the neighborhood is Jordan. She knows where he lives and today she walked down the sidewalk saying "Jodaaaan, Jodaaaan!"

4. She likes to pretend she is going places! She will grab something {stroller, purse, golf club bag} say "bye!" and wave as she walks away. If you ask her to kiss you before she leaves she will run over kiss you and say "bye!"

5. I think she can count with me to two! I will say "one" and she always says the same thing that sounds a lot like "two".

6. She asks and answers her own questions! She will say "play?...k?" and shake her head waiting for me to say "You can's okay!"

7. She likes motorcycles! Every time one drives by she says "bike!"

8. She loves cows and horses!

9. She must, must, must have the same sippy cups as Mal-Mal! We went looking for "the sippy" at Walmart last night but couldn't find "the one" but she settled for cups with straws. As we walked around she kept saying "wawa, milk, stuck." Finally today Mimi found "the sippys" at Target. I can only imagine how stinkin' cute she will be tomorrow when she walks in to Mal-Mal's house with the same sippy...she is going to love it!

10. She loves to cover herself up and say "night-night"! She thinks it is hysterical.

11. She sits down and takes her shoes off when we come in from outside! Right there in the foyer...plops down, un-Velcros her shoes, and pulls them off.

12. She doesn't push her lawn mower she pulls it everywhere! The other kids in the neighborhood find this one annoying because no bubbles will blow when she pulls it but I think it is too cute!

13. She climbs the stairs up every night and walks in her room to get ready for her bath!

14. She is starting to jump! By jump I mean she bends her knees and stands up...too cute!

15. She likes to sit at the big table! The kitchen chair is one of her favorite places to sit.

EVERYTHING about her is cute! The way she walks. The way she says things. The looks she gives. Her hair. Her laugh. Her smile. I could eat her up!

I thought of one more...

16. She says "uhhhh!" before she answers a question! It goes something like this... "Addy do you want milk?" "Uhhhh...nes!" Too cute!


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