Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Pool!

We went to the pool on Saturday and had a blast! I have been planning my summer for some time and was nervous about whether or not Addy would like my plan.

Here was our plan
1. Feed Addy lunch at home {check}
2. Pack up and head to Terri's {check}
3. Keep Addy awake in the car {check}
4. Get to Terri's {check}
5. Put Addy down for a nap at Terri's {check} :)
6. Sit by the pool for two hours {check} [can you believe it?!?!]

It worked...so I declare we will be a Terri's pool everyday this summer! Somethings of that beautiful plan will have to change. I'm not sure if I can keep Addy awake without being in the back seat and I am almost positive I can't drive without being in the front seat so...somethings got to give. I might have to pack lunch and be at Terri's earlier...who knows...all I know is she went down for me at Terri's!!!! Addy was confused when I put her down, she kept saying "Mimi?" because Mimi always puts her down there. But she didn't make a noise and slept for 2 hours! During those 2 hours I got to sit by the pool and by the time Addy woke up I was ready to get in the pool with her {my plan is beautiful!}

When Addy got up I brought her down and got her all dressed, sun screened and ready for the pool. Addy wasn't so sure about the water at first...it was pretty cold and she was sleepy {I was super excited and didn't really give her time to wake up ;)

Addy in all her cute swim attire!

Addy and Momma in the pool for the first time this year!

Notice the confused and tired look in all of the pictures. ;)

Addy got in the pool three different times because the day started out beautiful, then it rained, then it was beautiful, then it stormed, then it was beautiful. It was perfect for us because we spent a few minutes swimming, got warm, ate hamburgers and smores, and then got back in the pool, got out and got warm again, and got back in after the storm past! By the third time we got in Addy was loving it. Mallory and Dave where swimming and Garth was in the pool with us and the were just playing around and laughing. I think it's going to be an awesome summer!

Not only did we get to swim but Dave gave me a ton of photography gear and we got to see cows up close and personal on the way home...who could ask for more!

But we did get more because when we got home our neighbors called us over to see the two fawns in their bushes. I didn't use a zoom lens on these pictures I am literally as close to them as you see.

Addyson had no idea what was going on but she pretended!

It was an awesome chance for me to take pictures and Emily thought so too!

When had an awesome weekend! We are blessed and LIFE IS GOOD!!!


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