Monday, June 2, 2008

Failure {sort of!}

We went to see Jordan before her 8th grade dance on Friday and I officially failed at taking pictures of Jordan but {here comes the sort of part} I got pictures of all the other kids...just not the important kid of the night :( Jordan looked beautiful and very grown up and I am disappointed that I didn't get any great pictures of her.

While the 8th graders were eating dinner {salad, steak, crab cakes + baked potatoes...I don't think I had a dinner like that before any of my proms let alone my 8th grade dance...and I think I wore jeans and a shirt not very expensive dresses...but I digress} the kids were bugging them and eventually went outside to play. Addy found Cole's scooter and a thing of bubbles and she was in heaven!

The bubbles...

The scooter...

Bubbles + Scooter = pure joy!

I must add that Addy was very good on the scooter. She had great balance as Garth walked around with the scooter, and she couldn't have been more proud...she was riding a scotter!

And the other cuties there that night...

Of course Jordan was there but {insert sigh} I don't have any picture.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

I know you're bummed about not getting pics of Jordan, but those pictures of Addy are to stinkin cute!

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