Sunday, June 10, 2007


We have been busy!

I have been taking a lot of pictures lately but I haven't had time to proof many.

EDIT: Scroll down....Scroll down...I proofed A LOT tonight!!!

We have done a lot in the last few weeks...lots of walks (Addy's favorite thing to do at night), Addy's 6 month birthday (OH MY!), Addy started sitting up and rolling belly to back and back to belly (all in the same week), first trip to Ally's and Mallory's pool, June birthday party, Cole's baseball game, we watched KiKi and RiRi and Garth's engine "throw a rod" (ummm...basically it died a quick death on I-70) and did I mention walks lots of walks!!!!

3 1/2 days left with kids and 5 days of work left...summer here we come!!!!!!!

The pictures...

Addy sitting up... (excuse the was dark and my ISO was 1600)

and just because I was thinking about her when she was a baby...something for you to compare my big 6 month old sitting up girl to...

The baseball game....

Memorial Day at the pool...

Man...that was a lot of pictures....still more to proof!!!!

I think Garth might kill me if I stay on this computer much longer...proofing left for another day...a day when Addy will go to sleep for Garth!!


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