Friday, June 15, 2007

"Checked out"

I am officially done with school...I have been "checked out"!

Addy and I left at 8:30 to go to school. We got to school around 9:20, walked in, showed Addy to a few people, met my principal in my room and 9:30, and I was "checked out" by 9:32.

Part of me wishes the whole process took longer...I packed Addy, her stuff and me in the car and drove an hour to school to only need to be there for 2 minutes!?!?

I asked if I could get "checked out" yesterday, you know I live an hour away and all, but I had to take leave to do that....8 hours of leave for a 2 minute process?

But I really don't is over and I have many (not that many...but I am being optimistic) weeks at home with my baby.


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